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"Top Drawer Tune Up" = $250 (Available April-October only)
    Our "tune up" program is designed for the average homeowner concerned about maintaining their property.  Through our preventive maintenance program we provide a thorough walk through of your home to find potential problem areas before they become costly repairs. Whether you recently purchased a home, are getting your home ready for the market, or would simply like to ensure your home is currently in great condition and stays that way, we can help. This program is recommended annually but there is certainly no obligation.

Our "tune up" is a 5 step process:
1) Fill out our contact form on the "contact us" page and write "tune up" in the comment section
2) We will reach out via email to schedule your "tune up"
3) We will conduct our walk through with checklist in hand typically consisting of about 3-4 hours
4) We will email you any pictures of problem areas with suggested repairs within 5 business days
5) At your request, we will provide an estimate and schedule any necessary repairs

Included in your $250 tune up fee is the following:
o   Inspect and clean dryer vent (includes one dryer only)
o   Inspect and clean refrigerator coil (includes one refrigerator only)
o   Check carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, and GFCI receptacles
o   Check furnace filter
o   Clean AC condenser
o   Flush and fill hot water heater
o   Lubricate overhead garage door wheels and springs
In addition to the above maintenance package, we will conduct a thorough interior and exterior walk through to inspect windows, doors, screens, gutters, downspouts, shingles, vents, tuckpointing, sump pump (if applicable), window well covers, walkways, railings, water leaks, bathtub caulk, etc.. as well as recommend any relevant energy saving upgrades!


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